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Why choose a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) system for your roof?

SPF roofing systems offer your building completely seamless protection from edge to edge. The system is fluid-applied and the insulation rises and sets in minutes to facilitate smooth, continuous flashings and transitions.

SPF and coatings can insulate and flash HVAC ducts, as well as high walls, pipe stands, and other possible sources of water intrusion.
The seamless, self-adhered protection from SPF also provides excellent thermal resistance as a continuous insulation with no thermal breaks or shunts. Using a white coating over the SPF insulation can aid in the performance of the system by maximizing the cool roof technology.

In warm climates, cool roofing has demonstrated many energy-saving advantages and can help add to the lifespan of the roof by dissipating heat energy more quickly and slowing deterioration and weathering of the roof system. One of our preferred manufacturers, Carlisle Roof Foam and Coatings’ (CRFC) SPF roofing system is favorable for both new construction and restoration projects.


Information and Images Courtesy of https://www.carlislerfc.com/

SPF can be sprayed in a way that builds slope to enhance drainage and eliminate ponding water. Restoration systems help prevent leaks and extend the life of your roof. They are also non-intrusive and typically result in minimal – if any – downtime for the building’s operations. CRFC offers a variety of warranties to ensure quality and satisfaction with the system.

Benefits of Foam Roofing

Increased Energy Savings

Fully Adhered, Self Flashing System

Excellent, Wind Uplift Performance